Time To Prepare Your Garden For Spring

It’s almost inevitable that over the winter period your garden is left to struggle through. This is simply because not much can actually be done over the winter months, especially if it has snowed. All the annuals will have died off, perennial plants will be dormant and the only sign of life you will likely see is if you have any evergreens.

Any furniture in your garden is likely to have taken a bit of a beating over the months as well. But there is no need to worry as spring is on it’s way. It’s time to give your garden that much needed boost as spring turns.

Start with Weeding

No one finds weeding their garden a fun task. Nonetheless it is something that needs to be done especially as we escape from the long winter months. Although the cold weather will have slowed down weed growth considerably it will not have arrested it completely. Everyone finds it annoying how the plants they like in their garden die off whilst weeds – the things nobody wants, continue to thrive.

In order to best prepare your garden for spring you need to ensure that all the weeds are removed so the plants you do want have the ideal environment to live in. Use some sensible garden tools as the ground may well be either hard, or very muddy.

Prepare the Soil

During winter the soil in your garden becomes saturated and as a result may well have become really compact. It may also have run low on many vital nutrients. The key here is to add some well matured compost to perk up the soil. You’ll need a good quantity and make sure it is will turned through.

If you are a really keen gardener you can get your soil tested in order to see what nutrients it needs. This way you can go out and buy the exact nutrients to ensure your soil will be perfect for spring.

Protect Those Plants

Although the plants in your garden may have seemed pretty lifeless over winter, many of them will simply be dormant waiting for the warmer weather to begin growing again. They sometimes need protection over the winter months however The reason for this is because during winter food is scarce so your plants will be at greater risk of being eaten by pests. The dampness brought about by winter also helps to promote the growth of fungal diseases, which can be a nightmare for your garden. A sensible use of ties, netting, insect repellents and plant food should see them through.

Look After Any Furniture Or Ornaments

When preparing the garden for spring many people tend to neglect their garden furniture and ornaments. But this is a good time of year to check them out, sand them off and perhaps brush them with an outdoor varnish. Even if your ornaments and furniture are in perfect condition it is always a great idea to add a lick of paint to them, especially to things such as wood signs and bird tables. This is because it adds a little bit of color and life into your garden, which it will have been lacking over the last few months.

Plan Your Planting

Now is the perfect time to plan what plants you would like to grow and plant in your garden this year. Always pay attention to the times that seeds need to be planted and when they will begin to flower. This way you can ensure your garden looks amazing for more of the year. There are many websites and guides out there that will allow you to do this perfectly.

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