Thoughts on Hurricanes

We, as man, on the street or city sewage processing plants, industrial waste, all contribute to BODs, that’s biological oxygen depletors, CODs, Chemical Oxygen Depletors.

Basically, these are substances that absorb or use up the oxygen that is in the water. If you use up the oxygen in the water, the fish that breathe water, your filter feeds, like oysters and clams, will die because of the lack of oxygen.

Hurricanes blow up the water, swirls it violently and introduces oxygen into the water

The powerful wind and rain of a hurricane pummel a building.

This action invigorates the naturally occurring soil-based microorganisms, plankton, and a variety of microorganisms to work harder, faster, to clean up the pollution, whether it’s biological or chemical in nature. This is just a natural process. So the next time you have a hurricane, don’t think it has no purposes and that it is all destruction. No! It’s Mother Nature’s way of cleaning up the environment. Thank goodness that she does do that or we really would have lost this planet a long time ago.

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