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An estimated three million above-ground pools and one million in-ground pools in U.S are owned by homeowners. It can be convincing that nothing bad will ever happen but there are over 50,000 pool-related trips reported to the emergency room every year. According to CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission), children under the age of 5 years are the most affected with 350 children drowning each year and 2,600 children being treated in emergency rooms as a result of submersion incidents. It therefore becomes very important for pool owner to understand the dangers associated with pool water and how to prevent them.

These Are Some Following Tips for Pool Safety

Ensure Constant Supervision

There should be constant supervision around the pool whenever people are using it. Most preferably the owner of the pool should supervise the pool so as to ensure that the rules are placed in order. However the supervisor should be a good swimmer who can be able to help out a child or any other adult in case of an emergency.

Fence the Pool

The best way to prevent the children from accessing your pool when you are not around is to create a physical barrier. To be effective ensure that the gate is locked at all the time and the kids are not able to open or unlatch the gate. In addition you can also use a combination lock and install an alarm on the fence to alert you every time when someone accesses the pool without permission.

Separate Deep Ends from Shallow Ends

There are many people who do not know how to swim. It is therefore advisable that you put some indications of where the pool is too deep for some people. Ensure that the kids and adults fully understand that the deep end is only for proficient swimmers. You can also encourage them to swim width-wise as opposed to length-wise so that they avoid the deep end.

Use Floats and Safety Equipment when Using the Pool

Children who cannot swim should wear safety devices such as life vest or arm floats at all times. This however does not mean that they are 100% safe and you should not rely on them completely to protect your child from drowning. Never ever allow your child to swim alone with these devices. Always ensure that the child is within your reach at all times when at the pool.

Always Have Hand Phone When In the Pool

Accidents only take a second to happen. By the time you rush to the house and make an emergency call it might be too late and something fatal may happen. Having a cordless phone around the pool could be life saver because you will be able to make an emergency call faster and more convenient.

Learn CPR

As a pool supervisor, you need to be equipped with the skills of a lifeguard. CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is a manual emergency procedure performed to keep an individual alive in case of accident before the ambulance arrives. Therefore if you do not know how to perform CPR, it is advisable to take a class and learn how it is performed.

Remove Ladders from The Above-Ground Pools

Ladders are used as a means getting in and out of the above-ground pools. If you are not using the pool, keep the ladder away from the pool to prevent the kids from accessing the pool.

Many of these pool safety tips are a matter of common sense. However adhering to the rules and regular maintenance of the pool will create a difference between having good times in the pool and an accidental trip to the emergency room.

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