Are You Drinking the Wrong Water?

In America, we are taught to drink distilled and reverse osmosis water. However, if you traveled around the world, you would quickly find out that most other countries do not share the same viewpoints. For example, in Europe, most people know that reverse osmosis water, distilled water, and deionized water are sold strictly for steam iron and batteries and that you don’t even feed such waters to pets. Yet, many Americans drink these waters. Here are some hardcore facts:

Did you know that there are four totally different kind of distilled waters? I will cover two of them. The first one is very good for your health and the second one is actually detrimental to your health. The first one, which is a low temperature distillation and has a low surface tension, you know it as rainwater. And this of course is a very good water to drink, especially if you add a carbon filter to pre-filter it. The other is a high temperature, high surface tension water and this type of distilled water is your common commercially available distilled water. This water leaches the minerals out of your body and is actually slightly detrimental.

And finally, we have that infamous reverse osmosis water which anyone can prove with a pH meter that it has a pH of 5.5 to 6.4 range. When you consider that we should be drinking water in the 7 to 7.5 range and compare it to a pH of 5.5, that is approximately 100 times too acidic.

The other false information that is also common about reverse osmosis is that it takes all the minerals out, well essentially, it does take most of the minerals out, but the really bad boy, hydrofluorosilicic acid, from the fluoridation program is very poorly removed by reverse osmosis.

In America, 90% of the bottled waters unfortunately are also Reverse Osmosis water. So, again, you are still drinking unhealthy type water. And since Reverse Osmosis water does have most of its minerals removed, it of course leaches the plastic out of the bottle. And of course, this does not even address the plastic pollution, estrogen mimicking issues, and a host of other health issues that are related to plastic.

What you might not know is according to an article published July 22, 2009, by the UK Council Against Water Fluoridation is that fluoride is considered a drug and is now illegal to be placed in all of EU. In America, we have the state of Hawaii, which has banned fluoridation, but the rest of the United States has over 68% of the cities fluoridating the water.

So, for the rest of us, the best solution is to have a truly efficient fluoride removal filtration system that takes out not just the fluoride, but also the chlorine, the chloramines, which are bad for your kidneys, as well as the 3000-5000 chlorine byproducts, which are all known or suspected carcinogens.

Had a hectic day at work? Exercise, “not eating”, will help you revive

In the event that you’ve had a hard day at the workplace, new US research recommends that exercise after finishing your days’ worth of effort could control as opposed to increasing your appetite. Past research has demonstrated that ending ordinary every day mentally demanding tasks can affect how much energy the brain needs, and therefore increases food intake.

A study was carried out by a group of researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham isolated 38 undergraduates into two groups and requested that all members finish a graduate-level selection test. After the exam, one group was given 15 minutes to rest while the other was solicited to complete 15 minutes from high-power intensity interval training on a treadmill. After 15 minutes of either rest or work out, both groups were offered a “whatever you-can-have” lunch of pizza.

So that the outcomes could be contrasted with control, the week beforehand members had additionally been requested that burn through 35 minutes unwinding just, with no mental errand or activity before eating. The outcomes demonstrated that those in the “rest” bunch ate a normal of 100 calories more than when they had loose the week beforehand, giving additional proof to propose that the cerebrum does undoubtedly utilize more vitality, prompting expanded levels of yearning.

The members who were in the “exercise” group ate 25 less calories not as much as when they just casual before eating. The researchers noticed that a conceivable clarification for the outcomes is that in spite of the fact that blood glucose levels stayed stable in the individuals who had participated in exercise rather than rest, there was a huge increment in lactate levels which may have met the Brain’s vitality needs.

However, the group demonstrated that further research in the region is expected better to comprehend the impact of glucose, lactate and practice on energy needs and calorie intake after mental work.  These findings have actually been published online in the journal Medicine & Science of Sports & Exercise.

The new study discovered that glucose and lactate created through exercise could meet the energy needs of the brain rather than food intake, individuals who participated in physical exercise after finishing a mental assignment literally ate fewer calories than the people who completed the assignment yet didn’t work-out.

Pools and Kids Are Great Fun, But You Need To Keep Them Apart Until You Are Ready

When you want to enclose your pool you have a few decisions to make. You’ll need to decide on which kind of fencing you want. More people these days are opting for glass. Yes, that’s right. Glass is an amazing material to use for fencing. It’s decorative and very visually appealing. Certainly you’ve seen how nice looking glass enclosures are. The only thing that has stopped people from buying this type of fencing is the perception of a high price.

Glass Is Affordable

The reality is that glass pool fencing is now more affordable than ever. Luckily technology has pushed the price of glass enclosures down. You can fence your pool using glass with most budgets.

Glass fencing professionals know exactly how to work with this magnificent material so that the end result looks absolutely stunning. Whether you need frameless or semi-frameless fencing, they can get it done for you. They’ll have to lay in the supports and make sure that the glass fits in perfectly. It’s quite an art. Make sure to hire a provider who has a lot of experience in this area. That way you’re guaranteed to have an amazing pool area that is the envy of everyone.

Maintenance Is No Problem

The glass needed for pool fencing has to be extremely durable. Thick glass can stand up to the elements while retaining its beauty. The nice thing is the glass does not really require much in the way of maintenance. This fence will never rot or rust. Your fence will never need repainting. Glass is also easy enough to clean.


It turns out that glass fencing is also very durable. You can even consider misting or frosting on the surface of your enclosure. Your vendor will go over all the available options.

You have the opportunity to build an amazing outdoor area that is sure to entertain you, your family and friends for a long time. Take some time to research the subject and you’ll soon learn all the facts about what is best for your particular configuration.

Your enclosure should last for a long time and should be easy to maintain. Nobody wants to spend all the time they should be using to recreate on doing basic maintenance work! That’s not the point of having an incredible pool.

Safe But Social Area

Your pool is going to be a hub of social activity for you. There’s little doubt that your visitors are going to want to come over and mingle in this area. It’s no different for a home than it is for a hotel. People always end up gathering around the pool.

That’s one reason to make the area as attractive as possible. You will get more enjoyment out of a well-maintained area. Your pool is a centrepiece or your home during the warm months when everyone comes over to swim. You all will enjoy splashing around in your private pool area. Check out your fencing options today.

Fun Nautical Theming At Home

Do you want to decorate your home? Have you spent lots of money on home decoration accessories and interior designers but not happy with your home decoration?

A well decorated home is everyone’s dream. Decoration of our home reflects our standard of living. We all try our best to decorate our home. House decoration reveals the personality of the owner. Home decoration is influenced by social trends. The latest trend in home decoration is giving your home a beach look.

Ship Replicas

Ship replicas add a unique flair and warmth to your coastal style home. Nautical items such as models of fishing boats, famous ships, and speed boats in your living room give you a feel of beach house.

Nautical Furniture

Decorating your house is a way of self expression. Add your creativity in your home decoration by adding true nautical items to your living room. You can maximize your space by choosing nautical furniture for your living room. Nautical themed framed art add both style and design to coastal style living room of your beach house

Nautical Lighting

Nautical Lighting is a perfect way to illuminate your coastal style home. Nautical lamps and lanterns give a beach home feel to you and your guests. Use unique coastal style lighting to decorate your home.

Nautical Portholes

You can give any room in your home a nautical theme with various designed Porthole mirrors and porthole clocks. Portholes mirrors and clocks will make you feel at home on the seas.

Armillary Globes

Armillary globes make great additions to your living room or office. These antique and elegant globes can be displayed on office table or study table of your kid’s rooms.

Nautical Posters & Art

Show your nautical style to the world with nautical posters & art on walls. These wall hangings add classiness and style to your sea fairing decor.

Nautical compasses and sextants

Image result for modern room Nautical compasses and sextants

The magnificent brass compasses and sextants can be used for gifting purposes. They can be displayed on a shelf in your family room.

Nautical Key Rings & Chains

Nautical key rings and chains are best gift items for your those friends who have a passion for nautical item collection.

There is no end to the list of nautical items. Bring the beach to your home by adding these items to your home décor. The mix and match of decorative sailboats, floats and buoys, lamps and lanterns will create a sea-inspired home for you and your family.

Dealing with Depression in Teen Girls

With rates of child depression and teen suicide soaring, there is a dire need of understanding what is happening with young boys and girls.

Parenting is not limited to providing material comforts and opportunities for learning. It also involves providing emotional support to children when they need it. Many teenagers break down during the college days. But the roots of such an incident are actually laid well before that age.

Teenagers go through a tough phase when they discover their real self and come to terms with their position in society. This is irrespective of caste, financial status or brilliance in a particular field.

Parental intervention at this stage in helping the teenager to come to terms with reality can play an effective role. Support and guidance needs to come when the teenager begins to contemplate of certain issues.

If support is not made available in the initial stages, it is likely that the situation may develop into one of clinical depression or denial. Later, parental teen depression help may not be sufficient and professional help may need to be sought.

There is a subtle difference between teen depression in boys and girls. Depression in boys is mostly dependent on moods.  Girls tend to be more prone to depression due to the typical manner on which females process information and react to stimuli.

Parents need to guide their daughters to enable them to critically analyze the modern rules, some of them unspoken, of adolescence.

Girls are likely to be more emotional than boys. While boys tend to be casual about relationships that they develop with the opposite sex, girls tend to be more emotionally involved. This results in a disturbed state of mind when there is a break-up.

A friendly relationship with your daughter can help you explain to her about the various emotional upheavals you went through during your teenage, only to emerge happy and satisfied with your spouse.

It is difficult to generalize but mothers are better equipped to build up a friendly relationship with girls as they are likely to be open with mothers than with fathers for obvious reasons. However, close relationships between father and daughter is not an uncommon phenomenon.

The best way to develop a good relationship with the daughter is through patient listening. Talking about the various events at school, the pressures, stress and other events without being judgmental can help you identify early signs of depression.

Try to respect the child’s privacy and do not crowd her with too much inquisitiveness. Try to identify with her problem and let her know that you understand how difficult it can be. Also mention that all problems have a solution and they can be managed and solved.

An interesting study reveals that girls who smoke are at a 40% higher risk of developing depression. There is a great likelihood that smoking is an effort to self-medicate, just as drugs and alcohol, to get over depressive feelings.

Teenagers are very frugal in displaying their fears, sadness and resentment. It is only a keenly observant parent who can notice subtle signs of an impending problem.

While it is important for parents to learn about the risks and symptoms of teen depression in girls, they also need to learn about how to deal with it head-on.


Paleo Diet A Logical Lifestyle Change

Just eat real food. 

Before reading through hundreds of pages of diet books, please understand these 4 simple words.

Food is fuel for your body, and not all food is created equal. The paleo diet outlines basic principles to increase longevity, and improve your health.

Robb Wolf, a former research biochemist and current health author, recently spoke at The Ancestral Health Symposium about the paleo lifestyle/diet.

In the video below, he highlights the science behind “going paleo”, and he also talks about how it saved his life.

Here are the key points of his lecture:

  • Over hundreds of thousands of years, Humans evolved and adapted to a certain diet. Our bodies are genetically programed to eat fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats.
  • Paleo is more of a lifestyle than a diet. It involves eating properly, exercising, getting adequate sleep at night, taking vitamins, socializing, etc.
  • He recommends trying out all diets and comparing them. Do whatever makes you feel the best.
  • Educate yourself. Before you dismiss this idea completely, properly research the paleo solution, and give it a try for 30 days.
  • “Foods are appropriate for any given species if they were regularly consumed during most of its prior evolution.”

Pool Safety Tips


An estimated three million above-ground pools and one million in-ground pools in U.S are owned by homeowners. It can be convincing that nothing bad will ever happen but there are over 50,000 pool-related trips reported to the emergency room every year. According to CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission), children under the age of 5 years are the most affected with 350 children drowning each year and 2,600 children being treated in emergency rooms as a result of submersion incidents. It therefore becomes very important for pool owner to understand the dangers associated with pool water and how to prevent them.

These Are Some Following Tips for Pool Safety

Ensure Constant Supervision

There should be constant supervision around the pool whenever people are using it. Most preferably the owner of the pool should supervise the pool so as to ensure that the rules are placed in order. However the supervisor should be a good swimmer who can be able to help out a child or any other adult in case of an emergency.

Fence the Pool

The best way to prevent the children from accessing your pool when you are not around is to create a physical barrier. To be effective ensure that the gate is locked at all the time and the kids are not able to open or unlatch the gate. In addition you can also use a combination lock and install an alarm on the fence to alert you every time when someone accesses the pool without permission.

Separate Deep Ends from Shallow Ends

There are many people who do not know how to swim. It is therefore advisable that you put some indications of where the pool is too deep for some people. Ensure that the kids and adults fully understand that the deep end is only for proficient swimmers. You can also encourage them to swim width-wise as opposed to length-wise so that they avoid the deep end.

Use Floats and Safety Equipment when Using the Pool

Children who cannot swim should wear safety devices such as life vest or arm floats at all times. This however does not mean that they are 100% safe and you should not rely on them completely to protect your child from drowning. Never ever allow your child to swim alone with these devices. Always ensure that the child is within your reach at all times when at the pool.

Always Have Hand Phone When In the Pool

Accidents only take a second to happen. By the time you rush to the house and make an emergency call it might be too late and something fatal may happen. Having a cordless phone around the pool could be life saver because you will be able to make an emergency call faster and more convenient.

Learn CPR

As a pool supervisor, you need to be equipped with the skills of a lifeguard. CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is a manual emergency procedure performed to keep an individual alive in case of accident before the ambulance arrives. Therefore if you do not know how to perform CPR, it is advisable to take a class and learn how it is performed.

Remove Ladders from The Above-Ground Pools

Ladders are used as a means getting in and out of the above-ground pools. If you are not using the pool, keep the ladder away from the pool to prevent the kids from accessing the pool.

Many of these pool safety tips are a matter of common sense. However adhering to the rules and regular maintenance of the pool will create a difference between having good times in the pool and an accidental trip to the emergency room.

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