Are You Drinking the Wrong Water?

In America, we are taught to drink distilled and reverse osmosis water. However, if you traveled around the world, you would quickly find out that most other countries do not share the same viewpoints. For example, in Europe, most people know that reverse osmosis water, distilled water, and deionized water are sold strictly for steam iron and batteries and that you don’t even feed such waters to pets. Yet, many Americans drink these waters. Here are some hardcore facts:

Did you know that there are four totally different kind of distilled waters? I will cover two of them. The first one is very good for your health and the second one is actually detrimental to your health. The first one, which is a low temperature distillation and has a low surface tension, you know it as rainwater. And this of course is a very good water to drink, especially if you add a carbon filter to pre-filter it. The other is a high temperature, high surface tension water and this type of distilled water is your common commercially available distilled water. This water leaches the minerals out of your body and is actually slightly detrimental.

And finally, we have that infamous reverse osmosis water which anyone can prove with a pH meter that it has a pH of 5.5 to 6.4 range. When you consider that we should be drinking water in the 7 to 7.5 range and compare it to a pH of 5.5, that is approximately 100 times too acidic.

The other false information that is also common about reverse osmosis is that it takes all the minerals out, well essentially, it does take most of the minerals out, but the really bad boy, hydrofluorosilicic acid, from the fluoridation program is very poorly removed by reverse osmosis.

In America, 90% of the bottled waters unfortunately are also Reverse Osmosis water. So, again, you are still drinking unhealthy type water. And since Reverse Osmosis water does have most of its minerals removed, it of course leaches the plastic out of the bottle. And of course, this does not even address the plastic pollution, estrogen mimicking issues, and a host of other health issues that are related to plastic.

What you might not know is according to an article published July 22, 2009, by the UK Council Against Water Fluoridation is that fluoride is considered a drug and is now illegal to be placed in all of EU. In America, we have the state of Hawaii, which has banned fluoridation, but the rest of the United States has over 68% of the cities fluoridating the water.

So, for the rest of us, the best solution is to have a truly efficient fluoride removal filtration system that takes out not just the fluoride, but also the chlorine, the chloramines, which are bad for your kidneys, as well as the 3000-5000 chlorine byproducts, which are all known or suspected carcinogens.

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